Calculating a recipie from percentages of grain needed.

I recently deiced to a brew a recipe from the Brew Like a Monk book but I ran into a problem. The recipe was listed in percent of grain needed for the total grain bill.

Belgian Pilsner 60%
Wheat Malt 40%

Of course that is a very basic example because the one listed in the book had about 7 ingredients in the grain bill. After a bit of thought I remember that Designing Great Beers has the information on how to calculate the needed pounds of grain but who wants to do that by hand every time.So I created a spreadsheet that will do all the math for you. You have to enter a few things to get the right output.

What needs to be entered: (all measurements are in US units. I might add metric units if I get enough requests)

  • Final Volume of Wort
  • Original Gravity
  • Mash Efficiency
  • Ingredient Name
    • this is just for your information and has no bearing on the calculations
  • Percent of Grain Bill
  • Maximum Potential Extract
    • This is is important to getting the right amount of grain needed.
    • You can use any brewing software and it will give you this number. Links to a couple of main ones are below.
    • You can also find this info off most Malt manufactures websites.
After you enter the above info you will get the total Lbs. of each grain needed and how many Lbs. there will be total for the recipe.
The gravity units listed are an idea introduced in the book Designing Great Beers and they are easier for me to do the math with.

An example of what the spreadsheet looks like is below and also there is a link to download the sheet. If you use the sheet and have any feedback please let me know. I also ask that if you want to share the sheet please link to this page and not directly to the download.

Genrate Lbs from Percentv1.1.xls36 KB